Does Subway Still Have Double Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Does Subway Still Have Double Chocolate Chip Cookies?

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If you’re wondering whether subway bakeries still make double chocolate chip cookies, we have some good news! They do! The cookies are still as delicious as they were when they first began selling them.

The calories and caloric value of these popular cookies run from 186 to 232 per cookie. Despite their high calorie content, they’re still surprisingly light in comparison to other cookie options. You can even order them as frozen cookies to save time.

Cookie texture

Trying to recreate the classic double chocolate chip cookie from Subway? Using a home recipe, you can make cookies that are rich, chocolaty, and even better than the original. For this recipe, you will start by whisking together the butter and sugar. Then, in a separate bowl, add the chocolate chips. Mix well to ensure the chocolate is evenly distributed throughout the dough. Once the dough is mixed well, scoop heaping tablespoons of the dough and place them on a cooling rack.

If you’re baking a single batch, a mixer can create a cookie with an airy, flat texture, while hand-mixing will give you a soft, more doughy texture with crisp edges. In either case, you’ll want to chill the dough before baking. After 11 minutes, you can begin to shape and bake your cookie. To make it easier to scoop, use a large wooden spoon. You’ll need at least two eggs.

After making the dough, refrigerate it in an airtight container for at least 2 weeks before baking. After baking, transfer the cookies to a wire rack. Double chocolate chip cookies are approximately 186 to 232 calories each. You can also freeze them for a longer period of time by putting them in an airtight container. The cookies keep well in the refrigerator and are airtight for two weeks or more. Using a hand mixer will help make sure the chocolate chips are evenly distributed throughout the cookie dough.

Although you can easily reproduce the same cookie texture from Subway, the recipe is far better. You can adjust the ingredients to suit your taste. While they may not have as many flavors as those at Subway, you can still enjoy these cookies. You can also customize the texture to your own taste by changing the fat proportions, sugar amount, and cookie shape. It all depends on your preferences and how much you’re willing to spend for the cookie.


To make the best chocolate chip cookies, you must use good-quality cocoa powder and couverture chocolate. If you do not have the latter, use melted chocolate, or buy it in chunks, blocks, or chips. To make them even more delicious, add sea salt to the batter. Brown sugar and white sugar can be substituted for each other. Both contribute to the sweetness of the cookies and keep them soft in the middle.

To make the dough, cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time and beat until combined. Next, whisk in the dry ingredients. You can also use a silicone mat to prevent the cookies from sticking to the baking sheet. In the meantime, beat the butter and sugars together until well-blended. Beat the mixture for about two minutes. Then fold in the chocolate chips.

Double chocolate chip cookies are the ultimate indulgence for chocoholics. The soft, buttery dough is studded with chocolate chips and make these cookies perfect for any occasion. Double chocolate chip cookies are great for packed lunchboxes, after-school snacks, bake sale treats, and afternoon activities. Pair them with a glass of cold milk to enjoy a sweet treat. If you’re short on time, you can make double chocolate chip cookies with cake mix.

When making these cookies, make sure you don’t overbake them. This way, they look undercooked and will continue to firm up as they cool down. Don’t worry if you don’t have any chocolate chips at home – it will still turn out delicious! To make them extra chewy, use extra egg yolk or replace regular flour with bread flour. Besides, you can substitute brown sugar with extra granulated sugar.

Calorie count

If you’ve ever wanted to know the calorie content of a double chocolate chip cookie, you’ve come to the right place. Using the Nutrimap, Inc. website, you can find the calorie content for many types of chocolate chip cookies. This site includes food images and nutritional facts based on a 2000-calorie diet for a 180-pound individual. The information on the page may not be completely accurate, as your calorie and nutrient requirements may vary according to your age, gender, physical activity, and medical history. Also, note that while these images are based on a specific food, they may show similar or related products.

Seasonal flavors

Subway has seasonal flavors of double chocolate chip cookies, ranging from carrot cake to pumpkin spice. The cookies are stuffed with the same spices that go into carrot cake and contain raisins and cream cheese icing. You can find these cookies in a variety of sizes and flavors, and they are available in various locations. Each seasonal flavor has a different price point, and you can save money by buying a larger size.

A cookie lover may not want to part with their hard-earned cash, so Subway is giving them another way to treat themselves. They’re giving away a seasonal variety of their famous desserts. The company has even launched a pop-up cookie restaurant in New York City called Cookieway. The new location will have a rotating menu of popular cookie flavors and more. Cookieway will also offer limited-edition flavors, and larger-than-life installations of its cookies.

If you’re looking for a new dessert or a quick snack, Subway has you covered. The Cookieway pop-up is devoted to the popular Subway cookie. The new location is a whim of the company, and customers can get their favorite flavors and limited-edition favorites from the menu. Customers can even try some new flavors that are only available in the pop-up.

You can order the popular raspberry cheesecake cookie at Subway, but you can make your own version. This is a thick, rich cookie that smells like fruit when you bite into it. While the white chocolate and macadamia did not add much, they added a subtle raspberry flavor. Subway has even added rainbow gems, which are basically M&M-like candies. They add extra crunch and chocolatey flavor to the cookie.


Prices of double chocolate chip cookies at subway vary. They range from 6 to 8 dollars. Some locations have more flavors than others. The basic five flavors are chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, peanut butter, raspberry cheesecake, and white chip macadamia nut. Some outlets don’t sell them at all. Here’s a quick guide to Subway’s cookie prices. You’ll find them at 89 cents each or $1.99 for three.

The cookies at Subway are delicious. They come in different flavors and are fresh baked daily. However, if you’re looking for something with less sugar and fat, try a vanilla-flavored cookie. It’s worth the price! And don’t forget that you’ll save a few bucks! It’s easy to see why these cookies are so popular. However, you might be worried about the calories. Thankfully, Subway has an option for you!

To make your own delicious cookie, simply follow the same ingredients that the Subway bakery uses. Make sure the butter is room temperature. You’ll want to separate the two before mixing them together. Don’t forget to use softened butter, either. It helps prevent the cookies from spreading when they’re baked. Then, simply bake your favorite cookie and enjoy! These are incredibly rich and chocolatey! You’ll be rewarded with a mouthful of deliciousness.

To satisfy your chocolate craving, Subway offers delicious and healthy options. The price of a double chocolate chip cookie at Subway is typically around two dollars, with some variations here and there. It’s also possible to find other delicious Subway cookie flavors like Raspberry Cheesecake. However, it’s important to consider how much sugar, fat, and sodium you consume each day. Too much salt can increase blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends limiting saturated fat and sugar to eight to fifteen percent of daily calories.

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