What to Do With Leftover Chocolate Chip Cookies

What to Do With Leftover Chocolate Chip Cookies

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During the holidays, you will probably receive a LOT of cookies, but you can only eat so many. Chances are, you’ll have leftovers and a drawer full of cookies!

While cookies can last for a long time, they don’t keep forever, and you don’t want to throw them out. Instead, you can find creative ways to use those cookies, such as in other recipes.

Cookie pie crust

You might have a slew of chocolate chip cookie crumbs left over after a party or holiday celebration. Instead of throwing them away, use the leftover cookies to make a delicious crust for a pie. Simply crush them and mix them with melted butter until you have a fine crumb mixture. Press the crumbled cookies into a pie pan. Push the sides up as well. If you have any extra crumbs, just cut them into squares and pan fry them in butter.

You can also turn leftover cookies into truffles. Break up the stale cookies into fine crumbs and mix them with half a package of cream cheese. Make sure to combine the two ingredients evenly. Roll the cookie crumbs into small balls and place them on a baking sheet. Place them in the refrigerator for about one to two weeks or in the freezer for about 2 months. Before freezing them, make sure to tightly seal the container.

Another great way to use leftover cookies is to make a milkshake. Simply blend a handful of cookies with milk and blend it until it reaches the desired consistency. The liquid will break the cookies up and make them more enjoyable to drink. Guests will be impressed at the delicious surprise you left them. You can also serve your leftover cookies as a dessert by making chocolate bark. Besides looking fancy, chocolate bark is extremely easy to make and tastes even better than the original treat!

Ice cream sandwiches

If you don’t have leftover chocolate chip cookies, you can make a tasty ice cream sandwich. To make a tasty ice cream sandwich, first prepare your cookies. If you don’t bake your cookies, you can buy them in stores. But you should keep in mind that the store-bought ones are fully baked, which means that they will be firmer and more difficult to bite into when frozen.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are easy to make and taste incredible! You can even make more than one ice cream sandwich by freezing some extra cookie dough. These are the perfect treat for a rainy day! The cookie dough is already portioned out and can be frozen, so it doesn’t take a lot of time. In the meantime, make a delicious cookie sandwich and enjoy! You’ll be rewarded for your hard work!

Once your cookies are completely cooled, you can start assembling the sandwiches. You’ll need one quart of ice cream. It’s easier to assemble the sandwiches when the cookies are cold, so it’s best to serve them cold. Alternatively, wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze until you’re ready to assemble them. Or, assemble them and serve them right away! Or, store them in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Magic cookie bars

If you have leftover chocolate chip cookies, you can transform them into magic cookie bars to serve to your family, guests, or coworkers. You can add nuts, butterscotch chips, coconut, pecans, and more, depending on your mood. These bars are a delicious treat to take to parties, potlucks, and bbq’s. They are also easy to freeze for a last-minute snack.

To make Magic Cookie Bars, first prepare the chocolate chip cookies. Melt the chocolate chips, then stir in the butter. Place the cookie dough in a baking pan lined with parchment paper. When it is cool, spread some butter on the top of the dough, then sprinkle with pecans. If you want a crunchy topping, add chopped pecans. The chocolate chips can be of any type, from dark chocolate to semi-sweet, as long as they have a neutral flavor. Once the cookies are cool, store them in an airtight container at room temperature or in the fridge for up to a week.

Once the cookies have cooled, cut them into the desired size, and place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Freeze until solid, then layer the bars between pieces of parchment paper. When they are ready to serve, remove them from the freezer. The bars will turn golden, but they will be soft in the middle. If you don’t want to waste any cookies, you can freeze them for up to 3 months.

Puddings layered with cookies

After a holiday party, you have many dessert options. One great idea is to make puddings with leftover cookies. This is a twist on the classic banana pudding, which uses Nilla wafers in the Southern US. Simply alternate layers of cookies and pudding to create a scrumptious dessert. The moisture from the pudding saturates the cookies and imparts flavor to the mixture.

When it comes to storing leftover cookies, be sure to cool them completely before storing them. If possible, store them in an airtight container. Be sure to keep strong-flavored cookies separate from those with a milk flavor. To keep cookies separate, give each one its own airtight container and refrigerate it for at least two hours before serving. When serving, make sure to stir them constantly to prevent them from burning.

For a festive treat, add leftover cookies to a cake or cupcake. This is a delicious way to use up extra cookies, and is similar to making cookie pops, only you won’t have to mess with sticks and chocolate. You can even use leftover Halloween candy in these truffles. It’s sure to be a hit. But you won’t believe how great they look in a celebration cake!

Another great way to use leftover cookies is to turn them into a pie crust. Simply crumble the cookies with melted butter, and pack them into a pie pan. Line the bottom of the pan with foil. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, and then continue baking for eight more minutes. Then, remove the crust and serve with ice cream! You can also serve them as a topping for ice cream!

Ice cream cookies

If you have leftover chocolate chip cookie dough, why not use it to make ice cream? This delicious dessert uses the dough for two purposes: first, it is used for cookies, and then it is layered with a chocolate ganache and used as an ice cream filling. Or, you can use any other type of cookie, such as oatmeal cookies or white chocolate macadamia nuts. These cookies are perfect for freezing, and are guaranteed to impress your guests.

To make ice cream sandwiches, you can use cookie cutters or biscuit cutters to cut out shapes. First, you should press the ice cream up to the bottom of the cookie using a biscuit cutter. Next, use a spoon to push the ice cream out of the cookie cutter. Once it is out, the sandwich is ready to serve. When serving, keep the ice cream cookies in the freezer to firm up.

To make ice cream cookie sandwiches, place one scoop of ice-cream between two cookies. Spread the ice cream to the edges. Roll the edges in sprinkles if you wish. You can serve your ice cream cookies immediately or store them in a plastic wrap and freeze them in a freezer bag. Just be sure to assemble them as quickly as possible – ice cream cookies may become soft if left in a container for more than 5 minutes.

Cookie brownies

If you’ve just baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies, you probably have some left over. Crumble them up and add them to the cake batter. If you want to use them as frosting, you can add them to the frosting and decorate the cake. You can also finely grind the cookies and add them to the brownie batter. The leftover cookies will add a rich flavor to the brownie and will make a great addition to any dessert!

For a more traditional dessert, you can crumble up the leftovers and mix them with butter. Crumbled cookies make a fantastic crumb topping on pies, or you can just sprinkle them on top of a creative cake. There are countless ways to use the cookies you don’t want to throw away. Cookie butter is a fun snack and makes a delicious spread for toast or your favorite snack. You can also use the crumbs to make cookie croutons.

Another option for storing leftover cookies is to freeze them. They’ll keep fresh for about a week if frozen properly, and you can even freeze them for up to two months. Just be sure to place them in an airtight container or zip-top bag, as cookies will absorb moisture and spoil easily if not frozen. Keep in mind, however, that the cookies will go bad before you’ve even had the chance to eat them all!

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